Our RMA policy is straightforward and is based on several basic premises

  • Oceanic and Hollis intends to provide the original purchaser of its products with defect-free performance during the specified warranty period, when purchased from an Authorized Dealers.
  • If an item malfunctions within the Warranty Period we will repair or replace the item, and return it freight prepaid to a domestic US address. The original warranty period remains.
  • If an item is outside the warranty period and requires repair we will inspect, repair and return the item to you for a reasonable flat rate charge for the work and the cost of freight.
  • If you think an item or system is malfunctioning we expect you to make a reasonable effort to resolve the problem by reading the instruction manual, searching the FAQ Knowledge Center or talking to our technical support department.
  • If you return an item to us for repair or "because it doesn't work" and the item is found to work properly then we will charge you an "Analysis / Inspection" charge plus the return freight.

    Please complete the following e-RMA request by providing information for only one item at a time. You will have the opportunity to add additional items to the same RMA request immediately upon the completion of the form.

    Before continuing please have the following information ready:
    Model name of item being returned
    Part Number of replacement item (if known – not required)
    Reason for returning item
    Item’s serial number (if available – not required)
    Type of service being requested
    Items warranty status
    Original date of purchase and/or last serviced (if under warranty)
    Name of dealer where purchased or last serviced (if under warranty)
    Requested date of return for rush processing (if required)
    Digital copy of purchase receipt to attach to the RMA (if under warranty)

    Warranty, Available Services, and Terms

    Warranty coverage

    We receive frequent inquiries about our product distribution and warranty terms. So that there may be no misrepresentation of our warranty and service program terms, below are the direct links to the official warranty policy posted on our website.

    Official Warranty Policy:
    Oceanic ,
    Service Fees

    Warranty Status Options

    Covered by Parts Replacement Program – Select for regulators being returned to the factory for service which are covered by the limited lifetime parts replacement program. This program covers the annual service kit. Schedule B (3-5 year parts) and labor only is charged.

    N/A - Used for items being returned for upgrade or credit.

    Non-Warranty – Used for items being returned that are outside with warranty period.

    Warranty – Used for items covered by the 3, 2, 1 Year, or 180, 90 day Warranty period. Warranty begins at the original date or purchase or the service date on Non-Warranty items. The service will be conducted at no charge, and there will be no charge on the return shipping to a domestic US address. Attachment of original purchase receipt from an authorized dealer is required.

    Requested Service Options:

    Upgrade – Used to return a piece of equipment for a upgrade to a new piece of equipment in the same category (ie Computer for Computer, Regulator for Regulator, BCD for BCD) at a 20% discount.

    Care and Maintenance Service– This is a battery change and is only available on fully functioning unit, with no report of malfunction and/or error diagnostic code (except low battery). It will not diagnose any potential malfunction. Instruments will receive Battery Kit installation, firmware update, hose service if applicable, and water test. If the unit fails the inspection, notification will be set to select; Full Service and Calibration, Upgrade, Returned Without Service or Scrapped. 6-Month Limited Warranty, credited towards Full Service & Calibration. Products listed as OBS are not serviceable but are eligible for the Upgrade Trade-In Program.

    During the Care and Maintenance Service process for Regulators the first and second stages will be disassembled, ultrasonic cleaned, and all schedule A parts replaced. Schedule B (3-5 year) or schedule C parts will be inspected, cleaned and replaced if required. The regulator is reassembled and put through the final tuning and testing of a new regulator to bring it back to factory new condition.

    Full Service and Calibration – A Factory Full Service and Calibration is our standard repair process for any malfunctioning item. During the Factory Full Service and Calibration process for digital instruments, the instrument is completely disassembled down to the main circuit board. The board is extensively tested using the same quality control process used with new boards and is discarded if found to be defective. If the board meets our quality control criteria, it is then reassembled using all new integrated circuit chips and components, matched up with a fully tested display and housing, and then subjected to the same calibration and quality control process as our new computers. This process typically takes 90 days. To expedite the return process instruments are typically replaced with a functionally identical unit of the same model.

    Replacement – Replacement with a new identical model. Available on a product which is found to be defective, within the first 90 days of purchase. To provide the highest possible level of customer service on an out-of-the-box failure, a product which is found to be defective within the first 90 days from purchase will be replaced with a new identical model. Attachment of original purchase receipt from an authorized dealer is required.

    Quality Alert / Recall – The return and processing of an affected unit in accordance with the active Quality Alert or Recall.

    30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee (Dealer Only) – Only available to dealers, Used for products returned by customer for exchange, refund, or store credit within 30 days of original purchase may be sent back by participating dealers for a credit to their account. Please attach a copy of the original receipt documenting the purchase by a customer within 30 days.

    Credit (Dealer Only) - Only available to dealers, Used to return new stock for credit. Subject to sales department approved and restocking fee.